Charles Lightfoot


Charles Lightfoot was born in Rabat, Morocco and traveled extensively with his globe-trotting parents. With his French mother and American father he lived in and traveled in Iran, Korea, Japan, Venezuela, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Mexico.

Finally, his worldly parents settled in the U.S. where they bought a motel business in Georgia. Here, at the age of twelve, Charles's interest in photography ignited when a motel guest unable to pay his rent left his camera as payment and never returned.

Charles readily took to the camera as a hobby which eventually led him to the renowned Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Throughout his three years at Brooks he incorporated nudes whenever possible. After graduating, he interned at Playboy in Santa Monica, CA. From there he continued to experiment and improve techniques of nude photography.

Lightfoot's vision is to simplify the image to capture the core essence of the subject - a less is more philosophy.